Who else wants to know why most Argan Oil is crap?


I first heard of Argan Oil while looking for a natural way to look younger without exposing my skin to all of the toxic chemicals found in most commercial anti-wrinkle creams.

And to be totally honest I was skeptical when I read the laundry list of Argan Oil benefits...

 • Wrinkle reduction
 • Moisturizer
 • Stretch mark reduction
 • Acne treatment
 • Hair conditioner.

Seriously... it sounds too good to be true right?

But after hours of research I couldn’t find anything negative about Argan Oil. The only negative comments were about certain brands of Argan Oil rather than the Argan Oil itself

So I decided to make the purchase... I opened up Google and typed in “buy Argan Oil”.

All of a sudden a decision that seemed brain dead simple only seconds go got exponentially harder because apparently not all Argan Oil is created equal and trying to sift through all of the B.S. and marketing hype is next to impossible.

So after studying dozens of websites and reading countless reviews I picked what appeared to be the top 3 Argan Oils commercially available, pulled out my credit card and made the purchase.

Since that day I’ve personally purchased, tested and reviewed almost every known Argan Oil that I could get my hands on.

The result? Well there were really two results...

First was the realization that the majority of Argan Oil being pitched on the Internet is low quality crap.

It was this realization that motivated me to build this website which contains a detailed account of my findings including candid and factual Argan Oil product reviews and information so you can cut through all of the marketing non-sense, skip the crap and get the best Argan Oil the first time.

So click here to get straight to the good stuff... that is my personal favorites :)


Michelle Reyes


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