Benefits of Argon Oil

Argan oil is produced from the seeds or kernels of the argan tree, native to Morocco. The oil is extremely rare as the global population of the argan tree is extremely limited. We take a look at some of the cosmetic, medicinal and nutritive benefits of argan oil.

Argan is used as a cosmetic product because of its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles and skin damage. It has high vitamin E content which helps fight against the effects of free radicals which cause skin aging. Argan oil contains saponins which moisturize the skin and reduce dryness to give you vibrant and healthy skin. These are many skin conditions which can be treated by argan oil.

Argon oil is a completely natural product and free from abrasive chemicals or dangerous side effects. It contains triterpenoids that help in tissue healing and protect skin from damage. It can be used to reduce the effect of skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. It helps reduce the inflammation present in these conditions. It heals scars and is helpful in reducing discoloration from acne or pimples.

It contains a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids which slow down the cell oxidation process. Also sterolins present in argon oil help retain moisture, improve skin metabolism and reduce inflammatory skin conditions. Argon oil has a natural protective property which affects nails, hair and skin. Its regular use can heal damaged skin tissue and help reduce the prominence of old scars. It adds a protective layer to the skin and protects it from microbes, excessive sunlight and toxins.

It hydrates the hair and restricts the hair from becoming rough or tangled. It increases the strength and elasticity of hair by working from the roots. Argon oil provides essential nutrients for proper hair growth. Argon oil is recommended in cases where the hair is unruly and unmanageable. Also certain antioxidants found in the oil replenish the hair by repairing the cellular damage from the inside.

Vitamin E is an excellent tonic for the hair as it helps heal years of damage and neglect to the hair. It restores vitality and shine to the hair. Argon oil helps retain the moisture in the hair to give it natural shine and luster. Excessive coloring of the hair makes the hair strands brittle and rough. Argon oil is more effective than even Jojoba oil in restoring life to dull strands of hair.

Your hair may have extensive damage due to exposure to exposure to the elements or because of harsh chemical treatments. Argon oil is the best product to restore proper health to your delicate hair. Argon oil is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids which provide nutrients directly to the roots of the hair strands. It helps in healing split ends and increases hair strength. Argan oil is also used to reduce stretch marks. Stretch marks appear with rapid weight gain or loss, especially after pregnancy. This oil can help smoothen stretch marks are reduce their visibility.

The benefits of argon oil are not restricted to purely cosmetic purposes. Argon oil has a large number of medicinal uses as well. Sterols present in the oil can help fight cancerous cells and reduces inflammation. Consumption of argon oil can promote the smooth functioning of the digestive system by elevating the production of gastric fluids and pepsin. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil have proved useful in treating conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis.

Argon oil helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. Its use also causes reduction in the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and chicken pox. Oleic acid present in the oil helps bring down the level of bad cholesterol in the body. A small amount of argon oil is all that is needed to maintain low levels of cholesterol for prolonged periods.

Some acids present in argon oil are transformed into three distinct types of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are helpful in promoting certain biological functions such as anti-inflammatory mechanisms and immunization. They are also beneficial for people suffering from cardiovascular disorders. The vitamin E present in the oil is effective in regulating the smooth functioning of the heart. It also helps enhance the performance of the sexual organs.

Sterols present in the oil have a wide range of medicinal properties including the capability to restrict the absorption of cholesterol from the intestines. Argon oil slows down the degenerative wear and tear of the bones in our body. This makes it extremely useful for people suffering from arthritis. Rheumatic fever is extremely dangerous and causes damage to the skin, joints, brain and heart. Argon oil has shown positive effects in the treatment of people suffering from this condition.

Argon oil is also used as an aphrodisiac and is said to increase sexual desire and performance. The oil is extremely popular because of its anti-aging properties. It slows down the degeneration of muscles and tissue. It is also used extensively in culinary preparations as a dressing or to give a nutty smell to certain dishes. It is used in cooking sweet potatoes, fish, soups, deserts etc. to impart a unique taste to these dishes.

Argon oil is an extremely useful product with a wide range of uses. It is used as a skin care product due to its anti-aging and protective qualities. It contains antioxidants which fight free radicals which cause degeneration of tissue. Also it helps in the treatment of a wide range of diseases due to its medicinal properties. It regulates blood circulation, functioning of the heart and immune system.

Argon oil is also good for the hair and provides nourishment to the hair from the roots. It helps repair damage caused by chemicals and environmental factors to give you rich lustrous hair. Argon oil is added to a wide range of dishes to give them a distinct nutty taste and smell. Argon oil is extremely scarce at the moment and hence is a very precious commodity. It is slowly gaining popularity due to its health and cosmetic benefits.