Common Myths Associated With Argan Oil

Over the past few decades, a number of new natural products have been rediscovered as people have become increasingly aware of the side effects of various chemicals used in a variety of skincare and hair care products.

Argan oil has become one of the most popular natural products to be used in a variety of cosmetic products. There are a number of advantages of using argan oil.

It is beneficial for the whole body and not just for hair. It helps in revitalizing and rehydrating your hair while adding shine and strength. It is also an excellent moisturizer and it keeps your skin smooth, silky, and healthy-looking. It also helps in removing impurities from your skin and it also helps in improving dry skin conditions.

For women suffering from stretch marks, it can help in reducing the size of scars. It has also been found to be extremely helpful in getting back the elasticity and youthful feel of the skin. It also helps in strengthening nails and gives them a beautiful shine. In addition to skin and hair care, it is also available for cooking, but the oil used for cooking is different from that used for cosmetic purposes.

Overall, pure argan oil has a lot of benefits. However, as is the case with most of the natural skin care products available today, some common myths have become associated with the use of argan oil. Here are some of the most common myths associated with the use of argan oil and the truth.

All Of The Brands Of Argan Oil Available Today Are The Same

argan oil

Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, it is becoming a huge challenge for some of the brands that only sell 100% pure argan oil. The truth is that argan oil is costly and there are only a few brands that sell 100% pure argan oil.

It is also true that most of the brands selling argan oil in the market mix it with other oils such as olive oil to make it cheap and earn bigger margins.

It is also a big concern for the customers as sometimes, sellers put harmful chemicals in there that may lead to some allergy and people start blaming it on argan oil.

To ensure that you are buying pure argan oil, you should check the smell. Pure argan oil has a light nutty smell. In case the argan oil you’re buying does not have a smell, it means that the oil has gone through further processing that has rid the pure oil of its essential vitamins and minerals along with the smell.

Similarly, if the smell is too nice, it also means that the oil has been further processed and is not pure. You should also check the color of the argan oil. 100% pure argan oil is golden in color. Also, the texture is always oily and not watery.

When you put a small drop of argan oil on your skin, it should not feel oily and your skin should easily absorb all the oil. Again, argan oil should be stored only in glass bottles as direct sunlight can destroy the beneficial nutrients and minerals in the oil. Therefore, producers of argan oil do not use plastic bottles to store it.

Argan Oil Can Be Extremely Cheap

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If someone is selling you argan oil for a cheap price, chances are you are getting a small amount of argan oil mixed with some other oil. It takes a lot of time to collect the kernels from which argan oil is extracted.

Also, the processing takes a lot of manual labor which adds to the cost. In other words, this oil is not cheap. In simple terms, if you are paying a price of less than around $30-$35 for 100 ml of pure argan oil, you are buying mixed oil.

However, this also does not mean that pure argan oil is extremely costly. In fact, if you are paying too high a price for the pure argan oil, you are paying a lot of that money to the middlemen. Therefore, you should check the average price of some reputable brands that are known to sell only 100% pure argan oil and arrive at the right price.

Argan Oil Is Good Only For Hair Care

This is one of the biggest myths associated with argan oil. The truth is that it is not only good for your skin but it is also used for cooking. However, the oil used for cooking is usually processed in a different manner as compared to the oil used for cosmetic purposes.

You can take a dab of this oil and massage your skin with it to give it a youthful look. Similarly, daily massage with argan oil can give your skin a mild glow. Also, it is extremely healthy for your nails if you want to have shiny nails that also look extremely healthy.

Argan Oil Dries Out Hair And Prevents Moisture From Getting In

Frizzy Hair

While this is true, it does depend on the way you are using argan oil. On the other hand, it is also a good thing as beneficial oil locks in the natural moisture and prevents that frizz. It is much better to use this oil instead of the hair spray for preventing that frizz.

Argan Tree Grows Only In Morocco

The truth is that this tree grows in Morocco, some parts of Algeria as well as in some parts of Mexico. However, the only tree that produces the fruit used for extracting the argan oil grows in Monaco. In other words, the argan oil that you can use can come only from trees grown in Morocco and this is the reason that argan oil is also sometimes known as Moroccan oil.

Argan Oil Kernels Also Come From Goats

While it is true that some of the kernels used for extracting the argan oil are also taken from the fruits that have been chewed by goats but that is not necessarily bad. Goats just take in the fruit and eat the fleshy/pulpy part of the fruit, and extract the kernels.

In other words, the kernels that are used for extracting the oil never come in contract contact with the goat. Also, this type of harvesting has been in use only because there is too much demand for argan oil that cannot simply be fulfilled only by plucking fruits from the trees.

You Cannot Use Your Argan Oil For Cooking

As mentioned above, different types of argan oil are available in the market. The argan oil used for cooking is extracted in a different manner with the help of a machine press.

However, this does not mean that you cannot use 100% pure argan oil for cooking. You can use it as a dipping as well as salad dressing and for other purposes similar to olive oil. The only problem is that it costs a lot and there are lot of other beneficial oils available for cooking that are much cheaper.

Argan Oil Is Extremely Costly Due To Limited Production

As mentioned above, the cost of argan oil is high as the raw material available for extracting argan oil is limited but it does not mean that it is so expensive to be out of reach of most of the people, who want it. In fact, the truth is that if you are paying too much money for buying argan oil, you are paying it to the middlemen. Genuine organic argan oil does cost a bit but it should be affordable for you, as you only need a small amount of this oil.

Argan Tree Is Nearing Extinction Due To Overgrazing By Goats And Due To Overexploitation

While it is true that before the world discovered the benefits of argan oil, the forests in Monaco with lots of argan trees were being cut at an alarming rate, the situation is a lot better now. A lot has changed over the years and these days this tree species is highly valued.

argan oil tree

The argan tree is nowhere near extinction. Therefore, you should not believe the myth that the argan tree is near extinction, and therefore, you need to pay a very high price for 100% pure argan oil.

Only Berber Women In Morocco Can Produce Argan Oil

This is a very humorous myth associated with this wonderful oil. The truth is that the area in which the argan tree grows has a big population of Berbers. However, there is no such restriction that only Berber women can lay their hands on this tree. In fact, there are a lot of Arab women in Morocco who produce argan oil.

A Mixture Of Modern And Traditional Techniques Is Used For Producing Pure Argan Oil

If you come across this myth that a special technique is used for extracting this oil, keep in mind that it is only marketing hype. There is no mixture of techniques used for extracting this oil. The only technique that is used for extracting this oil is that it is produced by cold pressing. The hot pressing technique destroys the minerals and nutrients in the oil.

Only Limited Stock Of Argan Oil Is Available In Morocco

argan oil

This myth is normally used by sellers looking to sell high-priced argan oil. While the sellers do sell 100% pure argan oil, the truth is that this hype is used only for jacking up the prices. Argan oil is not going anywhere.

In fact, the fruit is harvested and the oil is extracted regularly which means that there is ample stock available and you do not need to worry about its availability next year. Therefore, you should not pay too high a price for 100% pure argan oil just because the argan tree is nearing extinction.

Argan Oil Is Available Only In Liquid Form

While it is true that most of the organic argan oil is sold in liquid form, it can also be found in various other variations such as lotions and soaps. It is also mixed in limited quantities with various other ingredients in other skincare and hair care products. Overall, argan oil is extremely beneficial and has been used by women in Morocco for a number of centuries for various cosmetic and culinary purposes.

These women not only use it for hair care but also for skincare and nail care. Only a few drops of this oil are required for taking care of your hair and skin on a daily basis. It is important that you buy this oil from a reputed brand to ensure that you’re getting only 100% pure argan oil. Moreover, do not believe the myths mentioned above that are commonly used by sellers to sell it at a higher price.

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