Natural Hair Care: Can Argan Oil be Used as a Heat Protectant?

argan oil

Do you frequently use heat to style your hair?

The results usually look spectacular but such procedures can leave your locks damaged.

Finding the right heat protectant is one of the most important steps for enjoying styling without making your locks weak and dry. Many commercially-manufacturer heat protectants, however, contain a medley of synthetic substances. Some of those are based on silicone and acrylates, which aren’t particularly beneficial.

The good news is that you can substitute the commercially-manufactured cosmetics with several simpler, cleaner, and much more efficient options. Argan oil is one of the 100 percent natural substances that keep your hair free from damage during heat styling.

Argan Oil’s Most Important Characteristics

Pure argan oil is actually one of the most beneficial substances in the cosmetic industry. It can be used to nourish locks, restore their elasticity, control frizz, and prevent damage caused by heat styling.

Argan oil works in a very simple, yet efficient manner. When applied over the entire length of the hair, it forms a very thin protective layer. This layer acts as insulation and shields the locks against intense heat.

Argan Oil for skin

It’s also important to know that argan oil offers UV protection, as well. If you apply some of the oil to your hair (and your skin) before going out, it will keep the sun’s harmful rays from causing any damage.

The oil delivers protection is yet another way – it locks moisture inside the hair. The use of a hair curler or a flat iron will reduce the amount of H2O found in your locks.

The protective layer formed by the oil is great for keeping the moisture inside. Argan oil is excellent for both dry and normal skin, which could otherwise be seriously dried as a result of heat styling.

Finally, argan oil is a wonderful source of vitamin E. Vitamin E has long been a haircare and skincare staple. The oil adds another layer of protection against heat and free radicals. It maintains hair looking youthful, strong, and shiny.

How To Use Argan Oil As A Heat Protectant

Using argan oil as a heat protectant is an incredibly simple task. For a start, make sure that you have purchased a 100 percent natural argan oil that is manufactured in Morocco. This is the only place in the world where the argan tree grows and you can rest assured that you have purchased an authentic product if it’s coming from Morocco.

argan oil

For best results, apply the oil after you’ve washed your hair and before you get started with heat styling.

Pour a small amount of the oil into the palm of your hand. Using your fingers, apply the oil to your locks. Make sure that it covers the entire length of the hair. To distribute the oil evenly, use a comb.

After the oil has been applied to the entire length of the hair, you can get started with heat styling. Use your hairdryer, curling iron or flat iron the way that you usually do. The oil is all the heat protection that you’re going to need.

Making Sure That Your Hair Is Fully Protected

Apart from using argan oil as a heat protection spray, you should also rely on its powers to nourish your locks. A deep leave-in argan oil treatment will improve the overall health of your hair. It will make your locks stronger and increase their ability to store moisture. If your hair is strong and healthy, heat styling isn’t going to have a particularly negative impact on it.

The argan oil treatment is great before having a shower or after you’ve washed your hair. If you want to leave the oil in your locks and give it a chance to act for a longer period of time, you should consider the application after having a shower.

Section your hair (it can be either wet or dry). Use a small amount of argan oil. Rub it in your palms to warm the oil and apply it to the section of hair.

Make sure that you’ve covered the entire length. When done, move on to the next section of hair. This treatment is ideal for damaged, dry, colored, or thin hair.

You’ll notice your locks getting stronger and feeling healthier almost immediately. If possible, avoid heat styling for a couple of weeks and allow your hair to regain its strength. Once you’ve dealt with the damage, you can go back to your usual styling routine.

A Few Other Ways To Enjoy Argan Oil

Apart from being a great leave-in heat and UV protector, argan oil is ideal for styling purposes. Apply the oil as usual. It will tame the frizz immediately and make it much easier to put your hair in the particular style that you want. In addition, it will give the hair a healthy shine and a little bit of extra volume. You aren’t going to lose that shine, even if you decide to straighten or curl your locks using heat.

Regular argan oil application will keep your color bright and beautiful for a longer period of time.

This effect is once again connected to the UV protection that the oil delivers. Putting a bit of argan oil on each time that you wash your hair will reduce the frequency of hair coloring.

The oil has one more beneficial effect – its soothing qualities. It’s ideal for ladies that can’t use traditional heat protection sprays because of irritation and itchiness.

Since these are based on synthetic ingredients, the sprays could cause redness, flakiness, and the appearance of dandruff. Argan oil will soothe the irritated scalp and help you get rid of dandruff almost immediately.

Sensible heat protection each time is essential for keeping your locks shiny and beautiful. Many ladies can’t imagine going a day without straightening or curling their hair. Though the results look beautiful, the procedures can cause serious damage. A simple and natural solution does exist. Argan oil is an ideal heat protectant. The fact that it delivers other hair care benefits is an added bonus.

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